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Victoria women's coach Dulip Samaraweera resigns after just two weeks

Victoria women’s coach Dulip Samaraweera resigns after just two weeks

The head coach of the Victoria women’s team, Dulip Samaraweera, has resigned after just two weeks in the role after being denied an appointment he wanted to make to his staff due to the state’s policies.

Samaraweera, who played seven Tests and five ODIs for Sri Lanka between 1993 and 1994, had been appointed on a two-year deal earlier in May after being the interim head coach since Jarrad Loughman left the role last November.

“During the recruitment process Dulip had expressed a desire to make a specific coaching appointment in his support team,” Cricket Victoria CEO Nick Cummins said.

“That appointment was unable to be facilitated due to internal policies we have in place. Following further conversations, Dulip decided he would prefer not to remain in the role.”

Samaraweera will be replaced by Andrew Christie, Melbourne Renegades’ WBBL assistant coach, who had been part of the interviews for the initial job. Christie joined Cricket Victoria in 2021 leading the female emerging player program.

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