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IPL 2024: CSK legend MS Dhoni reveals his preferred social media platform

IPL 2024: CSK legend MS Dhoni reveals his preferred social media platform

Former Indian cricketer and iconic Chennai Super Kings (CSK) legend in the Indian Premier League (IPL), MS Dhoni, recently provided insights into his social media inclinations during a promotional event in Dubai. Despite maintaining active accounts on both Instagram and X (formerly Twitter), Dhoni adopts a notably reserved stance on social media compared to many of his contemporaries.

MS Dhoni’s reserved digital persona

In an era dominated by social media, Dhoni’s aloofness from online platforms has piqued the curiosity of many. Despite his stature as a legendary figure in cricket, he prefers to maintain a low profile, leaving fans yearning for glimpses into his personal life. While numerous cricketers utilize platforms like YouTube to engage with fans, Dhoni opts for a more private stance, choosing not to delve extensively into the realm of online content creation.

Dhoni’s preference

During the event, Dhoni expressed a clear preference for Instagram over X. He cited controversies and misinterpretations often associated with Twitter as reasons for his inclination towards Instagram. Dhoni perceives Instagram’s landscape as evolving positively, possibly contributing to his preference for the platform.

“I prefer Instagram over ‘X’, I believe that nothing good has happened over ‘X’. Especially a controversy, someone will write something and turn it into a controversy. Why do I need to be there? You know it used to be 140 characters. You can not elaborate. Imagine me putting something over there, and then it is left up to the people to read it and interpret whatever they want to interpret,” Dhoni said at an event hosted by Dubai Eye 103.8.

Deliberate restraint and occasional engagement

Emphasizing the importance of limiting distractions in life, Dhoni explained his deliberate restraint in maintaining a minimal presence on Instagram. Nevertheless, he occasionally shares snippets of his personal life with fans through social media posts, offering them a curated glimpse into his world. This selective engagement underscores Dhoni’s preference for quality over quantity in his digital interactions.

“So, I’m like, no, no, that’s not really for me. Instagram still, I like it because, you know, I could put up my picture or a video or something and just leave it. That is also changing now. So I still prefer Instagram, but I am not very active because, I don’t know, I feel, you know, less distractions are better, but in between, on and off, I will put something for the fans, you know, so that they know, okay, I am somewhere good, you know, in good hands. So I am doing what I like,” Dhoni concluded.

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IPL 2024 performance and legacy

Despite undergoing knee surgery last year, Dhoni’s performance in the IPL remained impressive. Featuring in all 14 games of the season, he showcased his signature hard-hitting style and scored 161 runs. With an average of 53.66 and a strike rate of 220.54, Dhoni continued to enthral fans with his ability to smash towering sixes and accelerate scoring, reaffirming his status as one of the game’s greats.

A sorrowful farewell from the 17th edition

However, Dhoni’s IPL journey in the 17th edition ended on a somber note as CSK narrowly missed out on the playoffs following a heart-wrenching 27-run defeat to the Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB). Despite the setback, Dhoni’s contributions and impact on the game remain undiminished, leaving an indelible mark on cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

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